[Inspirational Poem Share] “Life Doesn’t Frighten Me” by Maya Angelou

[Inspirational Poem Share] “Life Doesn’t Frighten Me” by Maya Angelou

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Hi Loved Ones–

I don’t know how all of you are feeling.

However, I have been a bit “freaked out” lately. I’ve been “freaked out” by the news, my interpersonal relationships, the speed of 2018, the political climate of the world, my career path, my calling and many other things.
I’m not exactly sure what the fix/cure to all of this presently. I’m meditating on it fervently. Yet, I do know that this piece of poetry from Maya Angelo was a soothing presence in my life this morning as I woke up.

I dedicate this post to those of us who are courageous enough to say that we are afraid.
I dedicate this post also to those of us who know that we don’t have to be.
I dedicate this post to finding more courage to face our fears.
I dedicate this post to the parts of ourselves that aren’t as afraid as the other parts.

Thanks for reading and please enjoy this poem.
It was originally intended for children.
I hold the belief that there is an inner child in us all yearning to be nurtured.
May we love our inner child a bit more today.
We are worth it!

– @AndreInTheFlow


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